Who we are:

    The way something is grown is a testament to the ingenuity and adaptability of nature. From the type of soil a plant may need, to the amount of sunlight and water it needs, to the relationships with their environments, not just to survive but to THRIVE. Understanding these simple facts and adapting, we can cultivate a diverse range of crops and plants, ensuring optimal health and productivity.

     From south Florida, we here at Grown Different strive to highlight those differences and celebrate the individuality that our world was blessed with. We work directly with some of the most talented artists of our generation and the next to bring to life, the idea that "Some things are just Grown Different." 

About our collections:

    We release our designs in collections. These designs are all exclusive, hand drawn, original designs. Every collection has a different general art style that will stand the test of time and show everyone you are Grown Different! 

.: Our first release, the Baker's Dozen collection, highlights 13 staple weed strains that the cannabis industry and Tokers world over will know, possibly by just our intriguing designs. 

Our Apparel is produced and shipped from the United States.

* It is to be noted we do not hold a lot of backstock of our products and they are often produced on demand. This reduces the waste of materials and helps lower our carbon footprint. This does lead to around a week's time for you to receive your product.

For all questions and concerns please email us at:


Thank you for all your support! :)